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We are thrilled that you are interested in applying for Hello Pretty Market. We want to stress that selecting vendors for our markets is not an easy process as we receive so many applications! We only accept a few vendors per category to ensure the success of our vendors that are participating.


How do you advertise your markets?

  • We utilize social media (facebook, instagram), newsletters, paid Facebook/IG ads, Bulletin Board Signage outside venue (when permitted), Influencer marketing (on occasion), giveaways leading up to event, postcards, posters & more! We really put our "all" into ensuring a successful event.

How do you select vendors for your markets? 

Here are some things we take into account.

  • Booth display- is it professional looking with aesthetic appearance? 

  • How many other markets you participate in. We strive to have a  unique market.

  • Social Media Presence

  • Marketing for past events you have been part of 

  • Brand essence & packaging

Some categories fill up very quickly so be sure to apply early.

Describe your clientele

  • Hello Pretty really does have the best customers! They appreciate local businesses and are there to shop! Our market primarily attracts customers in the 30-60 year age range and primarily women.

For your two day markets can I join only one day?

  • No, for two day events you must attend both days.




April 20/21
The Agora


Sept 28/29

Red Willow Place

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